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Come join us for our July Art Show!

Gargoyles is pleased to present:

Arcendum Malum

Arcendum Malum - to ward off evil. Much like gargoyles and witch's familiars, Nightmerriment Nyxidium are protective creatures. They are skilled in the arts of warding off malicious spirits, demons, and creatures of any kind that may induce harm. Each Nyxidiae chooses a particular path of esoteric knowledge on which to focus. Be it divinations, rituals, natural ephemera, or alchemy, the Nyxidium are meticulous in their scholarship of protective practices. Once befriended by a human companion, they are tenacious guardians of their keepers.

Arcendum Malum 2016

About the Artists

Do you hear the scratching in the walls? What was that shadow at the window? Why do so many socks go missing? In the cupboards, under the stairs; your world is full of monsters. Behind the curtains, under the floorboards, check you might but you won't find them. They're cunning and clever and skilled in the arts of stealth. But should you become perturbed by missing garments and half-eaten bonbons, there are two who know how to find them. M.R. Hopkins and Malizebeth are the only known monster keepers in all of Nightmerriment. M.R., having been raised by monsters, and Malizebeth, who was born a swamp creature and cursed to appear human, possesses a unique perspective on cryptozoology. Together they toil to tame and teach monsters to survive in harmony in the human world.

Artist Reception Friday, July 15th 6:00-9:00pm

Show runs thru August 16th, 2016

Please join us for an extraordinary evening of art.
Wine, cheese and other goodies provided.


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