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Come join us for our April Art Show!

Gargoyles is pleased to present:

Anba Dlo : Gilding Sacred Forms
Twilight Gliders

Art by

Jessica Geiger, K. Amarak Waters, and Mambo Vye Zo

Gilding the Sacred is a vision of Spirits wrought from the materials of the earth in new ways. Utilizing the art of assemblage, sculpture, and drawing, these artists give us a remarkable look into the world of the Lwa, spirits of water and of air in this collaborative show.

Keith Amarak Waters draws upon his dreams to envision the work of spirit in physical form. Using sculpture, and drawing from African mythologies, Caribbean religion and spirits, his work speaks to the divine in all of nature.

Jessica Geiger employs a variety of mediums for her Twilight Gliders series. Evening colored hues, finely detailed imagery, and a sensuous line give these drawings their power and draw us into the world of silent energies that surround us, yet are seldom seen.

Mambo Vye Zo Komande utilizes the art of assemblage to give voice to the spirits of Haitian Vodou known as Lwa. Pez containers, old whiskey bottles, broken metal parts, doll heads and more find their way onto her sculptures. With heavy embellishment, layered colors and spirit writing, the process of the work evolves as the energies reveal themselves to her.

Jessica Geiger 2016
Jessica Geiger

K. Amarak Waters 2016
K. Amarak Waters

Mambo Vye Zo 2016
Mambo Vye Zo

Artist Reception Friday, April 15th 6:00-9:00pm

Show runs thru May 16th, 2016

Please join us for an extraordinary evening of art.
Wine, cheese and other goodies provided.


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