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Come join us for our March Art Show!

Gargoyles presents:

A Parliament of Owls

Nocturnal hunters, messengers, bringers of wisdom and harbingers of ill-omen, these mysterious & beautiful "Strigiformes" always capture our attention while under their ever-watchful gaze.

Join us in welcoming

Char Hall, Laura Zakroff, Lis Wright‑Ivec, Ryan Allred, Heidi Estey, Braden Duncan, Dani Wilson, McKenna Mead, Lily Munn, Rick Bass, Megan Wyreweden & Jeffrey Shaw

as they share their mystic interpretations & visions of the legendary owl.

Original paintings, drawings, prints and cards will be available showcasing these prophetic and enigmatic birds.

Char Hall

Char Hall

Artist Reception Friday, March 15th 6:00‑9:00pm
Show runs thru April 17th, 2019

Please join us for an extraordinary evening of art.
Wine, cheese and other goodies provided.


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