by Victor Moray

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Vampire fangs are made by Victor Moray, a Seattle Artisan who has been making custom fangs for the last quarter century.

Here are some commonly asked questions about the process:

How much?

  • They are $65 set of two upper fangs.
  • He does a set of uppers and lowers for $100
  • He also makes a set of double uppers for $110
  • Other custom styles and sizes can be done but you must ask Victor himself.

How long will it take?

  • Usually an appointment takes one hour (sometimes less in some cases).
  • You will leave with your fangs in hand (or in mouth if you’d like) with a case to keep them in.

What are they made of?

  • Dental Acrylic ~ there’s no adhesive, they are caps that fit perfectly onto your teeth, and your teeth only ~ they are custom to you!

What is the process?

  • Victor will have you select a fang style from photos and then make fang “blanks” out of dental acrylic.  After they are hardened (it only takes a few minutes) he will drill out the base of the fang blanks and fill them with acrylic and then fit them onto your teeth.  The acrylic base takes the shape of your teeth and fits perfectly after it hardens. Once the fangs are fit to your teeth, he shapes and polishes them.

He offers a warranty and repairs as well!

So there it is ~ if taken care of these fabulous fangs will last for years!


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